SOL NEGRO ( BLACK SUN )  | 43 mins  | 2016

A film written and directed by Laura Huertas Millán

1 minute excerpt ( full preview on demand )


Synopsis :

Antonia is a lyrical singer whose beauty is uncommon, lush and somber. Recovering from a suicide attempt in a rehabilitation institution, all her family ties are irreparably broken. But her sister remains deeply affected by what happened.


Director's Statement :

"How can you film what is supposed to be the most intimate, the closest to you, when it is precisely the thing that you want to escape the most ? Antonia is a fictional character inspired by the real life of my aunt, a former lyrical singer who was diagnosed with bipolarity a few years ago after a suicide attempt. I proposed to my aunt to replay episodes of her life, from the present and past, under the mask of Antonia’s persona. I was seeking for a way to relate to her again, and to confront a familial and genetic legacy of mental illness affecting her, my mother and eventually me."



Fronteira Film Festival 2016 - Best short film

Doclisboa 2016 - Grand Prix Honourable mention, International competition.

FIDMarseille 2016 - Special jury mention Grand Prix of the French competition.


EDOC 2017, Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Fronteira Film Festival — Short films competition, Goiânia, Brazil.

Ficunam 2017 — El Porvenir section, Mexico D.F

Neighboring scenes 2017 : New Latin American cinema, Lincoln Center, New York.

Cartagena Film Festival 2017 — Opening film, shorts competition, Colombia.

Gijón Film Festival 2016 — FICXLAB, experimental section, Spain.

Torino Film Festival 2016 — Documentary competition, Italy.

Doclisboa 2016 — International competition, Lisbon, Portugal.

FIDMarseille 2016 — French competition, Marseille, France.


Produced by Evidencia Films and Les Films du Worso

With the support of : Proimágenes Colombia FDC, Aide au Film Court - CNC Cinéma 93, PSL University, Sensory ethnography lab and Film Study Center (Harvard University).