La Libertad

29 mins  | 2017 | HD | Stereo | DCP
Spanish | English and French Subtitles

"Produced out of Harvard´s Sensory Ethnography Lab, Laura Huertas Millán´s masterful La Libertad follows a group of matriarchal weavers in Mexico, whose backstrap loom – a pre-Hispanic technique preserved for centuries by Indigenous women in Mesoamerica – provides the formal structure for the film´s exploration of handicrafts and their ties to freedom. With echoes of the influential ethnographic work of Chick Strand, La Libertad combines astute observation, testimony, subtle transfers in scale, space and texture, as it weaves its own singular study of labour, creativity, and the mysterious traces that circulate between them." Andréa Picard

" As if squaring the circle, Huertas Millán implicates her own filmmaking practice within this circuit of women’s creativity. When filming the weaving process, she takes care to describe crisp, minimalist lines and forms in her framing, organizing the thread in the image as if she, too, were “weaving” a piece of visual information. In this way, Millán’s formalism mimics the rigor of her subjects, combining the materialist precision of Liu Jiayin with the tactile, non-intrusive gaze of Bruce Baillie."Michael Sicinski

2 mins preview - full preview on demand contact here

Salon de Montrouge 2017 - Prix du Conseil Départemental des Hauts de Seine.
Screenings (Festivals)
The Flaherty Seminar 2017.
Toronto International Film Festival, Wavelengths 2017.
Doclisboa 2017.
La Habana Film Festival 2017.
Antofadocs 2017.

Screenings (Museums)
National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C (US), October 2017.
Musée du Jeu de Paume, Paris (FR), December 2017.

Salon de Montrouge 2017 (group show), Montrouge, France.
Ficción etnográfica (solo show), Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín (MAMM), Colombia.

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Ficción etnográfica, installation view, Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín, 2016.

Written & directed by
Laura Huertas Millán

Crispina Navarro
Gerardo Navarro
Inés Navarro
Margarita Navarro
Mariana de Navarro

Image, sound, editing
Laura Huertas Millán

Sound edition & mix
Sebastián Alzate

Color correction
Julio César Gaviria

Laura Huertas Millán

With the support of
Arquetopia Foundation and International Artist Residency
Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín
PSL University
Film Study Center and Sensory Ethnography Lab (Harvard University)

All images © Laura Huertas Millán