After a number of video art works focused on the transmission of political events through the human voice (la historia, 2009; Aquí en Dos/Ici en Deux, 2007 ; China Daily, 2008 ; A la dérive, 2008), Laura Huertas Millán engaged in a cinema practise.

Between 2009 and 2012, she developed a series around exoticism, examining numerous travel accounts in America made by scientists, conquistadors, travellers and missionaries. Journey to a land otherwise known (2011) and Aequador (2012), the main pieces of this series, were shot between European botanical gardens and the Colombian Amazon. Taking the form of "jungle-movies" pastiches, combining fantasy, science-fiction and mockumentary, these films used fiction to unearth long-established colonial representations, and to cast out their power of the political present.

In 2012, she started a series on "ethnographic fictions", developing the complexities of the possible double lecture of this premise. On the one hand, if one considers ethnography as an ensemble of narratives rooted in colonialism, it might be understandable as a form of fiction-making. On the other hand, some of the most interesting contemporary practices of ethnography have embraced a de-colonial turn, sometimes by integrating the fictional language tools within their own elaboration. While exploring this in-betweenness Huertas Millán created Sol Negro(2016), La Libertad (2017), jeny303 (2018) and The Labyrinth (in progress). These films were developed during her practise-based PhD (programme SACRe) between Beaux-Arts de Paris and the Sensory Ethnography Lab (Harvard University).

Laura Huertas Millán´s films have screened in art centers such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris; Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires; Western Front, Vancouver; Les Laboratoires d´Aubervilliers, Aubervilliers; Instituto de Visión (Bogotá) and Les Filles du Calvaire (Paris) galleries, among others. Recent solo exhibitions include Maison des Arts de Malakoff (France) and Museo de Arte de Medellín (Colombia).

Her films have earned prizes in cinema festivals such as FIDMarseille, Doclisboa, Fronteira Film Festival, Bogota´s documentary film festival (MIDBO), Videobrasil and Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento in Buenos Aires. They were part of the official selections of the Toronto International Film Festival (Wavelengths), Cinéma du Réel, Torino, Cartagena, FICUNAM, La Habana and Curtas Vila do Conde, among others. Recent focus on her work have been held at TIFF Lightbox (Toronto), the Flaherty Seminar and the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago (Conversations at the Edge).

Her works are part of the collection of the Kadist Foundation and French public collections (Seine-Saint-Denis and Hauts-de-Seine). In 2017, she was awarded the Grand Prix of the Jeune Création biennale and the Hauts-de-Seine Prize at Salon de Montrouge (France). In 2018, she is one of the recipients of the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation grants and commissions program and will participate in FRONT Triennial.

Laura Huertas Millán CV

1983, Bogotá (Colombia).
Lives and works in Paris (France).

2017 PhD, ENS rue d’Ulm, Beaux-Arts de Paris, France (SACRe program).
2014 Visiting fellow, Sensory ethnography lab, Harvard University, US.
2012 Master, cinema & contemporary art, Le Fresnoy (Jury honours), Tourcoing, France.
2009 MFA (jury honours), Beaux-Arts de Paris, France.

Solo exhibitions
2018 the spring song. le chant du printemps. Maison des Arts de Malakoff, FR.
2016 Ficción etnográfica. Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín, CO.
2016 Disappearing operations. Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, ENSBA, Paris, FR.
2015 Apocalípticos e integrados. Metales pesados, Santiago de Chile, CL.
2013 T/R/OPIQUE. Musée château d’Annecy, Annecy, FR.
2013 Aequador, Ici, Là-bas et Lisboa (duo). Villa Arson, Nice, FR.
2011 Lógicas del fragmento. Alianza Francesa, Bogota, CO.

Filmmaker in focus
2018 Conversations at the Edge, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US.
2017 Films by Laura Huertas Millán, TIFF Lightbox, Toronto, CA.
2017 Flaherty Seminar, featured artistNew York, US.
2017 Sol Negro. Saison Vidéo, FRAC Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Dunkerque, FR. 
2017 Colonial Crimes Scenes (duo screening). UnionDocs, New York, US.
2015 Cannibale, Le musée anthropophage. Musée de la Nature et de la Chasse, Paris, FR.
2015 Lugares : Laura Huertas Millán. Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, AR.
2014 Laura Huertas Millán, expanded cinema cycle. Lugar a Dudas, Cali, CO.
2013 Focus Laura Huertas Millán. Saison vidéo, ESAAT, Roubaix, FR.

Prices, grants & residencies
2018 Emerging Artist Grant, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, US.
2017 Grand Prix, Biennale de la Jeune Création, Montrouge, FR.
2017 Hauts-de-Seine Prize, Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge, FR.
2017 Best short film, Fronteira Film Festival, Goiânia, BR.
2017 Best Film, National Competition, MIDBO, Bogotá, CO.
2016 Honorable mention, Grand Prix international competition,Doclisboa, PO.
2016 Honorable mention, Grand Prix French competition, FIDMarseille, FR. 
2016 Production grant, Film Study Center, Harvard University, US.
2016 Post-production grant, cinéma 93-CNC, FR.
2016 Nominee, Rolex Mentor and Protégé initiative (Cinema), US.
2015 Art production Residency, Fundación Arquetopia, Puebla & Oaxaca, MX.
2015 Research Grant, PSL, Paris Sciences et Lettres University, FR.
2015 Development Grant, Fondo cinematográfico Colombia, CO.
2015 Production Grant, Film Study Center, Harvard University, US. 
2015 Nominee, Rolex Mentor and Protégé initiative (Arts), US. 
2014 Honourable mention, Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento, Buenos Aires, AR.
2014 Research Grant, PSL, Paris Sciences et Lettres University, FR.
2014 Production Grant, Film Study Center, Harvard University, US. 
2014 Production Grant, Mairie de Paris, FR.
2013 Arquetopia Resartis Prize, Videobrasil, Sao Paulo, BR.
2013 Production Grant, Fondo cinematográfico Colombia, CO.
2010 Video Prize, ENSBA Foundation, Paris, FR.
2010 Production Grant, Mairie de Paris, FR.
2006 Collin-Lefranc Fellowship, ENSBA, Paris, FR. 

Group exhibitions (selection)
2018 These hands, Western Front, Vancouver, CA.
2018 Nuevos Nombres, Banco de la República, Bogota, CO.
2018 A Decolonial Atlas, Tufts University Art Gallery, Boston, US.
2017 Medellin, une histoire colombienne. Musée des Abattoirs, Toulouse, FR.
2017 Working from the future past, Seoul Art Museum (SEMA), Séoul, KR. 
2017 A Decolonial Atlas. Vincent Price Art Museum, Los Angeles, US.
2017 Salon de Montrouge. Le Beffroi, Montrouge, FR.
2017 A quoi rêvent les forêts ? Galerie des Filles du Calvaire, Paris, FR.
2017 Biennale de la Jeune Création. Le Beffroi, Montrouge, FR. 
2016 Entre Caníbales. Instituto de Visión, Bogotá, CO.
2016 Meeting points. La Loge, Bruxelles, BE.
2016 A Decolonial Atlas. Oficina de Proyectos Culturales, Puerto Vallarta, MX.
2015 A Decolonial Atlas. Off Biennale Cairo, Cairo, EG.
2015 Post-Exotism. Newhaven Fort, diep~haven Festival, Newhaven, UK.
2015 Sin querer saberlo. El Parqueadero, Banco de la República, Bogota, CO.
2015 Le Fresnoy, Mémoires de l’Imagination (BnF). Paris, FR.
2014 Biennale de l’image en mouvement. Buenos Aires, AR.
2014 Videobrasil winning works on Tour. Sesc Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo, BR.
2014 Videobrasil winning works on Tour. Sesc Campinas, Sao Paulo, BR.
2013 Videobrasil. Sesc Sao Paulo, BR. 
2013 Universo vídeo I. Laboral, Gijón, ES.
2013 Universo vídeo II. Laboral, Gijón, ES.
2012 Le Printemps de Septembre. ISDAT, Toulouse, FR.
2012 Panorama 14, ÉLASTICITÉS. Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, FR.
2011 Place! Galerie municipale Edouard Manet, Gennevilliers, FR.
2011 Panorama 13. Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, FR.
2010 Anthropofolies. Galerie Montgrand, Marseille, FR.
2010 Mouvement des atomes, mobilité des formes. Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris, FR.

Group screenings (selection)
2017 Prospectif cinéma. Centre Pompidou, Paris, FR.
2017 A la lisière du quotidien, Jeu de Paume, Paris, FR.
2017 The Flaherty Seminar. Washington Gallery of Art, US.
2017 100% Docs. Forum des Images, Paris, FR.
2016 Debatable Screenings. Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, US.
2016 Friends of experimental film society. Filmbase, Dublin, IE.
2015 Futures Ruins. Cultures of Landscape. Pleasure Dome, Toronto, CA.
2015 Corpus. Corpos. Corpses. NYU, New York, US.
2015 VER. Espacio de Arte contemporáneo, Montevideo, UY.
2015 VER. Museo MAR, Mar del Plata, AR.
2015 Unspeakable practices, unnatural acts. Ruangrupa Jakarta, ID.
2015 Unspeakable practices, unnatural acts. Espacio oculto, Madrid, ES.
2014 Tropical Uncanny. Guggenheim Museum, New York, US.
2013 Der Geitelte Himmel. AwZ, Vienna, AT.

Cinema festivals (selection)
2018 Cinéma du réel, Centre Pompidou, Paris, FR. 
2017 Toronto International Film Festival (Wavelengths), CA.
2017 Doclisboa, Lisboa, PO.
2017 Antofadocs, Compétition New Visions, Antofagasta, CL.
2017 Festival de Nuevo cine de La Habana, La Havane, CU.
2017 Muestra Internacional de Documental de Bogota (Best film, national competition), CO.
2017 Fronteira Film Festival (Best short film prize) Goiânia, BR.
2017 Neighboring scenes: New Latin American cinema. Lincoln Center, New York, US.
2017 FICUNAM, Mexico D.F, MX.
2017 Cartagena Film Festival, CO.
2017 Festival EDOC, Quito, EC.
2017 She makes noise, Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES.
2017 Bogota Film Festival (short films competition), CO.
2016 FIDMarseille, French competition (Honourable mention, Grand Prix), FR.
2016 DocLisboa, international competition (Honourable mention, Grand Prix), PO.
2016 Winterthur Short Film Festival, CH.
2016 Torino Film Festival, documentary competition, Torino, IT.
2016 Festival de Gijón, FICXLAB, Gijón, ES.
2013 L'Alternativa, Barcelona´s Independent cinema festival, ES.
2013 Curtas Vila do Conde, experimental competition, Vila do Conde, PO.
2013 Rencontres Internationales, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin,DE.
2013 Tampere Film Festival, Tampere, FI.
2013 FICUNAM, Mexico D.F, MX.
2013 Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria, CA.
2013 Bandits-mages, compétition Panorama, Bourges, FR.
2012 FIDMarseille, Marseille, FR.
2012 Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR.
2012 25 FPS, compétition internationales, Zagreb, HR.
2011 Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin, sélection documentaire, Paris, FR.
2011 Saison Vidéo # 31, programme Can you hear me? Roubaix,  FR.
2010 FIDMarseille, Marseille, FR

Teaching & lectures
2018 Invited artist, Visual Anthropology Seminar, Collège de France, paris, FR.
2018 Invited artist, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US.
2017 Teacher, cinema workshop, La Fabrique du Regard, LE BAL, Paris, FR.
2017 Teacher, Arché documentary development workshop, Doclisboa, PO.
2017 Featured artist, the Flaherty Seminar, Colgate University, New York, US.
2017 Invited artist, Public program A hard White Body, Bétonsalon, Paris, FR.
2017 Lecture, The theory of leaves, EMMA, Ancona, IT.
2016 Teacher, cinema workshop, Lugar a Dudas, Cali, CO.
2016 Invited artist, Ecole nationale supérieure d’art et de design de Nancy, FR.
2016 Lecture, Unsettled Landscapes seminar, Pitzer College, Claremont, US.
2015 Teacher, cinema workshop, Bachillerato 5 de Mayo, Puebla, MX.
2015 Lecture, “Addict d´Avital Ronell”, Laboratoires d´Aubervilliers, FR.
2015 Lecture, Unitec, Bogotá, CO.
2013 Lecture, Marta Traba seminar, Universidad Nacional, Bogotá, CO.
2013 Lecture, “L’oeil automate”, Galerie la Box, Bourges, FR.
2013 Invited artist, Michel Weemans seminar, ENSA Bourges,FR.
2012 Teacher, cinema workshop, Université Catholique de Lille, FR.
2012 Invited artist, Céline Flécheux seminar, Paris 7, FR.
2009 Video teacher assistant, Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR.


As an author:
2017 The Liar, Permanent collection, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, US.
2016 The Obsidian King, signed Pfaff Brothers, Spike art quarterly, Vienna, AT.
2016 Celestial Bodies, on Patricio Guzmán, Terremoto magazine,
2016 Radio DUUU: Addict d´Avital Ronell,
2013 Les mythologies absentes, Les cahiers du post-diplôme, EESI, FR.
2011 De l'Amérique, ENCOURS, Les Presses du Réel, Paris, FR.
2011 Charlie et Sabrina, qui l’eût cru, éditions du Jeu de Paume, Paris, FR.

Catalogues, articles, press (selection):
2017 Film Comment, Festivals: Doclisboa 2016, by Leo Goldsmith.
2017 Brooklyn Magazine, Is Trauma lived in solitude?, by Ela Bittencourt.
2017 Kinoscope, Entretien avec Laura Huertas Millan, by Ela Bittencourt.
2016 Sight & Sound magazine, 5 five ghostly finds from FIDMarseille, by Michael Pattison.
2016 Il Manifesto, Il cinema nel lato segreto della realtà, by Cristina Piccino.
2016 Chronicart, L´impermanence des choses, by Julien Bécourt.
2013 Cuadernos del cine Colombiano #52, Cine Colombiano del exilio, by Amanda Rueda.
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2013 Catalogue Ficunam 2013: Aequador de Laura Huertas Millán, by Maximiliano Cruz.
2013 Slicker #6, Art Brussels 2013: Portraits d’artistes: Laura Huertas Millán, by Pascale Pronnier.
2013 Catalogue, Tampere Film Festival 2013.
2013 Catalogue Saison vidéo #33: Focus Laura Huertas Millán.
2013 semiramisenbabilonia.blogspot.comUniverso vídeo, Reflexionando a través de la imagen, by Semíramis González.
2012 Revista Arcadia, Exilios volontarios: Laura Huertas Millán et Ana Judith Haugwitz, by Daniel Salamanca Nuñez.
2012 Catalogue FID Marseille: Voyage en la Terre Autrement Dite by Gilles Grand.
2012 Panorama 14, Elasticités, Les Presses du Réel: Aequador, by Anne Marquez.
2012 Catalogue Alliance Française, Bogota: Lógicas del Fragmento, by Julien Petit.
2012 Catalogue Saison Vidéo 2011, l’Espace Croisé, Roubaix, France.
2010 Interview with Nicolas Feodoroff, journal FIDMarseille, Sans laisser de trace, Laura Huertas Millán.
2010 Catalogue, Beaux-Arts de Paris les éditions : Mouvement des atomes, mobilité des formes par Marc Desgrandchamps.


Ethnographic fiction series:
Le Labyrinthe (in progress), 23 mins, 2018
jeny303, 6 mins, 2018
La Libertad, 29 mins, 2017
Sol Negro (Black Sun), 43 mins, 2016

Exoticism series:
Aequador, 19 mins, 2012
Journey to a land otherwise known, 23 mins, 2011
Sans laisser de trace, 3 mins, 2009

Early films:
China Daily, 3 mins, 2008
À la dérive, 3 mins, 2008
Tierra de Mañana ( avec Simon Leibovitz), 8 mins, 2007
Aquí en dos / Ici en Deux, 35 mins, 2007
La Historia, 8 mins, 2005